Its People’s Question Time- submit your question about QLD’s education and skills future now!

People’s Question Time: Queensland’s future – education and skills

In the final People’s Question Time for 2011, you have a chance to share your ideas and put your questions to the Premier and Ministers about the education and skills needed for Queensland’s future.

How is education shaping the future of our state? What opportunities exist for skills development? How can we ensure all Queenslanders, not just those in the resources sector, benefit from the mining boom?

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  • Anna Bligh, Premier of Queensland and Minister for Reconstruction
  • Cameron Dick, Minister for Education and Industrial Relations
  • Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Employment, Skills and Mining

People’s Question Time is live and unedited. Panellists don’t see any questions before the session. The moderator, journalist Lisa Backhouse, chooses all questions to put to the panel.